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Smart Fat

It’s True!  You Can Actually Eat More Fat, Lose Weight,
And Improve Your Health, Once You Know This…

Two of the world’s foremost experts in health and nutrition sound off to reveal the truth about fat in your diet in this groundbreaking book, Smart Fat

The truth is, you’ve been lied to. Not all fat is bad, and in fact, certain fats can help you not only lose and maintain a healthy weight, they can improve everything the aging process to heart health.

In Smart Fat, you’ll learn why most of what you’ve been told about fat and a healthy diet has been proven to be false, and why a high-fat diet could be the answer to a slimmer, younger-looking, healthier you.

Discover which “fat foods” actually benefit your diet and health the most, and just how massive an affect these nutrient-rich foods can have on your energy level, heart-health and more.

Learn the real truth about fat, and the role it plays in your health and diet. You’ll learn how to separate the “fat” facts from the fiction, what to eat, and what to avoid based on years of treatment and solid scientific evidence.

Learn which supplements make the biggest difference in your health, your weight, your appearance and your energy, and stop wasting your hard-earned money on products that simply don’t work.
Smart Fat includes a full 30-day meal plan that brings together all of the pieces of the program into one, easy-to-follow plan so you can get started fast and easy, and takes all the guesswork out of creating a health diet that your entire family will enjoy.

What Makes SmartFat So Unique?

Smart Fat—Eat More Fat, Lose More Weight, Get Healthy Now provides a totally new, cutting edge approach to eating that actually encourages you to eat more fat, not less .

The trick is to make sure the kind of fat you’re eating is either neutral, or smart.

The conventional advice has always been to divide fat into “good” and “bad”. Animal fats, tropical fats and saturated fats were all considered “bad” while vegetable oils were considered “good”.  But  recent studies have shown these distinctions to be woefully out-of-date. The Smart Fat program identifies fats that have been proven to enhance health, fats that have been shown to be neutral, and fats that have been shown to be damaging. And that has nothing to do with whether or not their saturated or unsaturated!

This is the first high fat program that is also high in fiber. (In fact, the emphasis on fiber, which predicts weight loss very consistently, is one of the most distinguishing features of this program.)

Prior to Smart Fat, if you wanted the benefits of high fiber, you would be looking for a high-carb diet. And if you wanted the considerable benefits of higher fat and protein, you’d have to sacrifice fiber. Not any more. Smart Fat contains the best of both worlds. This unique program also features moderate amounts of clean (as opposed to lean) protein with a heavy emphasis on flavor from anti-inflammatory spices and herbs.

Smart Fat—Eat More Fat, Lose More Weight, Get Healthy Now will ensure that readers unlearn the myths that have flourished for years and replace that with a Smart Fat Solution that has been shown to help people lose weight and keep it off, enhance cognitive performance, prevent heart disease, and turn back the clock on aging.

What The EXPERTS Are Saying…

Sara Gottfried, MD

“Smart Fat perfectly illustrates what I tell my clients and readers: It’s not about calories, it’s about eating foods that are hormonally helpful. It’s not about eating less or more, it’s about eating smarter. This is a smart book by two of the smartest experts in the field.”

~Sara Gottfried, MD,
NY Times best-selling author of the Hormone Reset Diet

JJ Virgin

“Smart Fat is a groundbreaking book that’s going to create a seismic shift in how we look at fat AND why we need much more of it in our diet. A must-read!”

~JJ Virgin,
NY Times best-selling author of Sugar Impact Diet

Daniel Amen, MD

“Smart Fat comes to us at a critical time. It is easy to read, easy to implement and will definitely help your brain work better, so you can too.”

~Daniel G. Amen, MD,
Founder, Amen Clinics, Author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Dr. Alan Christianson

“Smart Fat spells out a simple new understanding of which fats can improve your health and which will set you back. By learning which fats are good, which are bad, and which are neutral, you can easily shed unwanted weight and cut the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases”—

~Alan Christianson, NMD,
New York Times best-selling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet and founder of Integrative Health.


Jonny Bowden

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D, C.N.S.

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, (aka “The Nutrition Myth Buster”) is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health. He is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology and the author of fourteen books on health, healing, food and longevity including three best-sellers, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”, “Living Low Carb” and “The Great cholesterol Myth” (co-authored with Stephen Sinatra, MD).

Dr. Steven Masley

Steven Masley, M.D., FAHA, FAAFP, FACN

Steven Masley, M.D.  is a physician, nutritionist, author, speaker, award-winning patient educator, & a fellow with the American Heart Association. His passion is empowering people to achieve optimal health through comprehensive medical assessments & lifestyle changes. Dr. Masley is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, & he teaches programs at Eckerd College.


order your copy of the brand new book from world-renowned health and wellness experts, Dr. Steven Masley and Dr. Jonny Bowden.

Smart Fat
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